Partner’s objective

To create a website as a part of the Medical Information System dedicated to the search of necessary healthcare practitioners and institutions. It should allow a user to easily book an appointment to a doctor online.

SDH solution

Our team developed a website that provides a general search of specialists and medical centers registered in the system based on medical specialty, location and/or name. A patient can easily pick a doctor, see his/her timetable and book an appointment online. Booking requires only a patient’s mobile number without previous registration.

The website allows a user to switch to other products in the system such as Medical Information System, EHR app, etc.


Backend: Python, Django, Django Rest Framework, JS, jQuery, Google API (Google Maps, Google GeoEncoder), HTML5, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, Celery.

Features and Results

User profile.

Once signed in, a patient can view the app's dashboard. It contains the list of EHRs with brief information and option to add a new patient.

Physicians and clinics search.

The main page provides an advanced search of physicians and clinics by medical specialty, a city’s district or metro station, and/or a facility’s name.

List of doctors and hospitals.

The corresponding pages provide the full list of connected to the system doctors and healthcare facilities available to look through and plan a visit.

Rating and Review.

After booking an appointment and visiting the doctor, each patient can rate the level of the provided services (out of 5 stars) and write a short review.

Online booking.

Each user can book an appointment to a specific doctor online without registration on the website. The visit confirmation is performed by a phone number.


For convenient use, a user can translate all the presented information in English or his/her first language. The localization feature includes 3+ languages.


advanced search
instant booking
mobile authentication


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