Partner’s objective

To create an application within the Medical Information System that gathers all the necessary healthcare records in one place for a patient's use. The app should allow the booking and management of a medical appointment without visiting a healthcare facility.

SDH solution

We developed a web and mobile solution that allows a patient to sign into a medical system easily and securely via his/her phone number. The system contains electronic medical records tied to the provided phone number. The patient can view and manage all the EHRs and medical treatment notes.

The app as well lists all available healthcare personnel and institutions to appoint a doctor's visit. The booking is performed fully online that streamlines communication between doctors and patients.


Web: Python, Django, Django Rest Framework, JS, jQuery, Google API (Google Maps, Google GeoEncoder), HTML5, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, Celery.
Mobile: Java, AndroidSDK, Firebase.

Features and Results

User profile.

Once signed in, a patient can view the app's dashboard. It contains the list of EHRs with brief information and option to add a new patient.

Electronic Health Record (EHR).

A record contains all the necessary medical data and contacts of the patient. A user can both view and edit his/her information online.

Treatment plan.

A patient uses this page as a memo of all the doctor's visits, medical advice, and written e-prescriptions. All events could be marked as 'Done' or 'Canceled'.

Health professionals and clinics.

The separate pages list the health practitioners and health institutions available for an appointment booking. A user can perform an advanced search specifying keywords, location, etc.

Doctors visit booking.

Every patient in the system can book a clinic or health professional appointment online and cancel it at single-click ease if plans have changed.


protected personal data
streamlined communication
time saving solution


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